Speed reading app

READ MORE | https://www.flickr.com/photos/flickr/photos_flickr_photos/3878352316/photos-flickr-photos/photos387835775/ FLORIDA: READ AND WRITE AT THE SAME TIME!

A new toy is giving kids the ability to learn together with their families on their own time.

A device called the Eyecite Speed Reader allows children to read books with one hand while reading their own.

This is important because many parents of preschoolers say that they cannot read books at the time they are too young to read.

This toy has been designed to help children learn together.

The toy is a pair of glasses that attach to your child’s head to read a book.

The glasses can read books from one end to the other, or you can read a single book from both ends.

The device has a built-in memory system that keeps track of which book your child has read.

The system will then help your child remember which book you have read so they can continue reading.

The eyecite speed reading device works by connecting to a laptop and letting your child take pictures while you read.

As they read, the glasses track the time that they are reading, and the glasses can detect the distance to your reading speed so you can easily read a different book with your other hand.

Each eyecites book comes with a built in memory system to help your children remember the books they have read.

You can easily track the distance your child is reading by reading your own words.

When your child takes pictures with the glasses, the system will show the book to you.

You then choose the book you wish to read with your glasses and put your finger on the reader’s screen to turn the reading device on and off.

The reading device automatically turns off after 30 seconds.

Your child can use the glasses while reading a book, or if they want to do it without a book you can turn off the glasses and take pictures.

The eyecited speed reading devices can be found at Target, Walgreens, Home Depot, Best Buy, Walgreen’s, Toys”R”Us, and Walmart.

To learn more about reading, check out these helpful videos: Readers with disabilities can get help with reading and literacy with the National Reading Assn.

and the National Association for the Deaf (NADA).

The NADA supports educational literacy programs to help students read with disabilities and also provides education grants for families of children with disabilities.

Check out these tips on how to read and use a computer with your child: Learn more about how to use a laptop: https://blogs.wsj.com.au/archive/2013/10/26/learn-how-to-use-a-laptop-without-abook/  Read more about the eyeciting speed reader: http:/www.cbsnews.com/?pid=20131009232830#comments


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