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In a new paper published online today in Science, researchers at UC Davis, UC San Diego, and the University of California-Berkeley found that people read at slower rates because they are less likely to slow down when reading.

“The reason that people are reading so slowly is that they are trying to keep up with the pace of the story,” said co-author Daniela Cordero, an assistant professor in UC Davis’ Department of Psychology.

“They’re trying to catch up.”

Read the full story on Scientific American here:The study was a collaboration between UC Davis and the universities of San Diego and Berkeley to investigate the effect of reading speed on reading comprehension.

The research found that speed read comprehension is a key factor for reading comprehension, but it is not the only factor.

For instance, speed readers can read a novel faster than slower readers because they have more cognitive resources for processing information and are more likely to be able to mentally pause when they read a passage.

Speed read comprehension also affects the ability to detect when a reader has finished reading a passage and can then continue reading.

For example, speed read readers are more apt to detect that a passage is finished and then continue to read.

The study found that readers who read slower than others are less able to pause, and readers who are faster read slower.

The authors also found that there was a positive correlation between speed read speed and comprehension.

Slow readers also read more slowly than fast readers, according to the researchers.

However, the study did not find that speed readers read faster when reading stories with fewer words.

Rather, the researchers found that slower readers read more easily, with no significant differences between the two groups.

The researchers say that their findings should be considered a general guide to reading comprehension and should not be used as an indicator of comprehension.

However the authors say that the findings should also be taken into consideration when evaluating reading speed.

For instance, if you are reading a story and you have read it a few times, you should be able tell if the story is going to be a little faster or slower than it is right now.

If the speed reading is too fast, it may indicate that the reader has already gotten bored with the story, the authors said.

They also said that people should not take the findings as an indication that speed reading will lead to better comprehension.

Instead, they suggest that people who read at slow speed should consider reading at a faster pace if they want to improve comprehension.

“It’s a little bit like going to a party,” said lead author Corderos.

“If you’re really into something, you might not like what you’re hearing.

If you don’t like it, you’re not going to go to the party.”

Read more about reading speed:Read the study on Scientific Amici here:


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