Speed reading app

With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, we have become used to the sight of someone using a smartphone to read, say, a news article.

But with tablets, a tablet that is in use for a certain amount of time can read up to six times faster than a regular smartphone.

While it might seem counterintuitive, a good tablet will not only be faster than your smartphone, it will also be a lot faster than the speed of your smartphone.

But for many people, reading is more than just typing, so how do you read a document with a smart tablet?

Here are some tips to help you read faster: How do you make your tablet faster?

This is an important point.

To speed up your reading, you need to make sure you use an app that allows you to set a minimum speed of up to 60 words per minute, or one that lets you pause, turn off and then resume reading.

Some smart tablets will even allow you to control the speed and the length of your reading.

For example, some tablets let you pause your reading to let you speed up and pause it again to speed up, so that you can focus on the content.

This means that you should also set your tablet to automatically pause when you are in a book mode, which will allow you more time to skim the page.

You can also choose a text mode in which you will see the word in the top right corner of your tablet screen and then you can type out the word or phrase in the text box at the bottom of the screen.

If you do this with a regular phone, you can just press the “X” key to close your tablet, but if you are using a tablet with a voice-activated assistant, such as Siri or Cortana, you may need to use that feature to let the device know when you have finished reading.


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