Speed reading app

This novel might be of use to people with language challenges, as it will help readers to speed up reading speeds in a book.

Katakana reading speed reading is a technique that uses a phonetic alphabet to speed the reading of a text.

Katagana reading speeds up reading by 20 per cent compared to a standard speed reader, while the Japanese language is often thought to be slower to learn than English.

Kataki, an Australian-based author, has created a novel called ‘Katakanas Reading’ that uses this method.

The novel takes place in a world where a young boy has just lost his mother and father, and his mother is a Japanese language tutor.

In a world of rapid technological change, the boy and his father find themselves living in a post-apocalyptic world where the world has gone mad and the only thing left for them to do is survive in their makeshift home.

This is where Katakanas (Katakanan) Reading comes in, where a group of young people, led by the titular Katakana (or Katakan), set out to discover a way to speed things up in the world.

The story of Katakans Reading takes place between the events of the book ‘Katakis Reading’ and the first volume ‘Kataki Reading’.

The novel begins with the boy’s mother, who has recently died.

His father is a young woman who is in a relationship with her husband, and they have a daughter.

The mother is now dead, and the father is still on his way to Japan.

In the first part of the novel, the protagonist meets his mother in Japan, and is introduced to his mother by a local who helps him out with his mother’s business.

As the novel progresses, the reader learns about the relationship between the family and the local Japanese language.

The second part of ‘Kataks Reading’ takes place after the protagonist has left Japan.

This part of Kataks Reading takes him on a journey to Japan, which is populated by a strange, futuristic world populated by creatures called the ‘Crayons’.

The main characters, including the protagonist, learn about the origins of these creatures, as well as how they can help the boy find his mother.

The novel takes us on a series of adventures with the Crayons, as they travel through the world to learn about their culture and history.

The final chapter of the story is the one that takes the reader to Japan itself, where the protagonist discovers his mother has been murdered by the ‘kamikaze’ (a Japanese word for the enemy).

The novel concludes with the protagonist finding his mother at the top of a mountain.

The main character, in this final part of reading, is not in Japan at the time of writing this review, but is actually in Japan today.

Kataks reading speed reader novel, ‘KatAKanas Reading’, is available now on Amazon.

The author, Kataki, is currently completing a second novel called Katakannas Reading.


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