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An article published in The Washington Times by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago indicates that there is a clear correlation between speed of reading comprehension and ability to absorb complex information.

The article is a response to the National Reading Foundation’s “Reading and the Brain” report.

It highlights a recent study that suggests that, while reading comprehension is the most important factor in whether a child can read a book at an advanced level, it’s not the only one.

Researchers from the university, who also conducted a study with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, examined the relationship between reading comprehension, reading speed and ability.

The researchers found that, when they compared the reading comprehension rate of children with low to moderate reading ability to the reading speed of children who had high to advanced reading abilities, reading comprehension increased more in children with high to intermediate reading abilities.

In a separate study, researchers at the University, Carnegie Mellon, and the Childrens Hospital of Philadephia compared reading speed in children ages three through eight.

While reading speed was the most commonly cited factor in the study, the researchers found a significant correlation between reading speed (i.e., the ability to read at a consistent speed) and reading comprehension.

The study found that children with a reading speed score of 70 or higher were more likely to have a reading comprehension score of 90 or higher.

The authors also found that the reading performance of children ages five through nine with a high reading comprehension was higher than that of children in the same age range with a low reading comprehension (i,e., reading speed).

However, the study does not prove that reading comprehension alone is the key factor in how well a child reads a book.

Instead, it suggests that reading speed may be an important factor that plays a role in reading comprehension as well.

As the researchers put it, “It is likely that there are multiple reading processes involved in reading.”

Reading comprehension and reading speed are both important, but it’s unclear how much the ability of a child to read a particular book influences their ability to do so.

The Carnegie Mellon researchers suggest that children’s reading speed should not be considered an isolated indicator of reading ability, but rather, a component of the overall reading development process.

The research was published online this week in the journal PLOS ONE.

The authors of the new study say the results are encouraging, but they also suggest that we should take a more critical approach to assessing reading performance.

The finding that children who have a low comprehension rate are more likely than children who score high on reading speed can read is encouraging, said lead author Dr. Eric N. Lander, associate professor in the department of psychology at Carnegie Mellon.

However, he cautions that the findings should not necessarily lead to a change in the reading curricula of the schools where these children attend.

The current reading curriculum is not based on the best evidence, said Dr. N. Paul Giannapietro, associate director of the Reading and Learning Research Center and one of the authors of a recent article on the research.

The data in this study is consistent with the literature showing that children are able to read more readily when they are exposed to reading in an organized manner, as opposed to a fragmented manner, said Lander.

Lander said that the current research provides important evidence that children can read at the same speed when they read at home.

However, he also cautioned that this research only suggests that children should be taught to read in a structured way.

The way to increase reading ability is to introduce children to reading materials in a way that gives them a chance to read each and every word, he said.

He said that even if children learn to read well, the next step should be to introduce them to reading material in a context where they can read independently.

The next step is reading outside of a classroom, he suggested.

The report was written by researchers at Carnegie the Children School of Reading and the Center for Reading and Language at the Children Hospital of Pittsburgh.


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