Speed reading app

With its black-and-white visuals and text-heavy layout, the Police Speed Reader is a very simple device that has earned praise for its speed reading abilities.

But if you are looking for a more advanced reading experience, it’s time to give the device a look.

Read morePolice speed reader: What you need to know and how to use itA quick refresher on how the device works is that it’s a black- and-white reading device that sits atop a pair of glasses.

The display of the device is bright enough that you can read text at normal reading speeds, but only if the glasses are placed on your forehead, which is where the screen is mounted.

If the glasses aren’t in place, the reading speed of the reader will be slowed down to about a quarter of a second, depending on how close the glasses can be to your eyes.

The reading speed is then reset to normal reading speed after that.

A few other factors make this reading device particularly useful: it has an internal light-emitting diode (LED), which produces light that can be used to illuminate text; it has a rechargeable battery that can last up to a day of normal reading; and it has three preset speeds, each with a maximum reading speed that’s faster than the others.

The device comes with two lenses that allow you to adjust the angle of the screen so that it is closer to your face than it is to the other two lenses.

Once you set the reading speeds for your glasses, the device will begin to read the text on your screen.

This process takes a couple of seconds, so you need your phone to be charging to get the reading up to speed.

The speed readings are displayed on the top of the speed reader so that you will know if you’re reading speed correctly or not.

The text displayed on your speed reader depends on the speed of your phone, and you can adjust the speed to make it easier for you to read quickly.

While the speed reading devices are designed to work with police officers, they are also designed to be used with any reader that can read at a reading speed, including Amazon Kindle, Google Reader, and other apps that have their own speed readings.

You’ll need to calibrate your device before using it, but once you have, you’ll be able to read through a lot of texts.

The Police Speed reader is available for $20 from Amazon, the company said.


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