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More students are reading more and more books, and more of them are taking courses, says the head of a national school reading research group.

Key points:Professor of reading, David White, says there’s been a shift towards more reading activities in AustraliaThe changes in the way students read are causing confusion and anxiety for parentsThe report also says more books are being used in classroomsThe average time students spend in class has increased by about two hours since the late 1980s, and it’s also risen in the past decade, according to the National Centre for Educational Statistics.

“There are definitely some challenges for students, for teachers, for parents,” Professor White said.

“It’s clear that reading is an increasingly important part of our daily lives, so the importance of having a range of reading activities available is certainly there.”

He said there were now more than 600 reading and writing classes across the country, and that this included courses such as speed reading, speed note reading and speed note notes.

He said while there was still a lot of room for improvement, he thought this was part of a much wider shift towards reading in Australia.

“The main focus for the past 20 years has been to try and get students to learn the skills of reading at home, which is very hard,” Professor Whit said.

Read more”And if they do that they do well in terms of getting into university.

So that’s the primary focus for reading, and a range is available.”

He says the biggest challenge for teachers is the lack of a “high-level” reading curriculum in schools.

“We have not developed an adequate high-level reading curriculum.

It’s very difficult to produce an adequate curriculum for reading in our schools,” Professor Whites said.

Professor White said he was surprised that most Australian schools did not have a separate course to provide a reading intervention, such as a lesson plan.

“I think that is the problem that’s been missed, and I think it’s a problem that needs to be tackled,” he said.

He suggested that teachers needed to consider reading as a whole in the classroom.

“One of the problems is that we’re very concerned about our children not being able to read in the right way, but they’re also very concerned that their children aren’t able to communicate what they’re learning to their peers,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“So I think we need to get the emphasis back on reading, especially at a very young age, in terms a learning to read at home.”

You know, it’s important to make sure that the teachers are trained to do that, and they need to do it in a way that is very different from what they’ve been doing for years.

“Read moreIn a statement, the Australian Education Union said the “real reason why Australia’s reading levels are so high is that reading and other reading activities have been introduced to our schools.

“The union said the increase in reading activity in Australia over the past five years had been driven by changes in education, including a rise in the number of high-stakes exams and new requirements for students.”

Our schools are not failing our children, they’re doing a better job than ever of supporting their literacy skills,” the union said.



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