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The 10-yr-old boy who was reading on a mobile phone on the streets of Delhi, New Delhi and Hyderabad is not only reading faster than any other child, but also more than a year ahead of other children.

According to a study conducted by the National Council of Applied Economic Research, the boy, who was given the Super Speed Reading Device (SSRID) in a study in Mumbai, was reading at an average speed of over 5,000 words per minute (WPM) on his mobile phone.

The reading speed was up to 10 WPM, nearly seven times the reading speed of children of the same age in a comparable study conducted in Hyderabad.

“Super speed reading on mobile phones can improve reading comprehension, but it is not possible to measure the reading comprehension of a child in this age group without the help of an independent test,” Dr Pramod Raju, head of the National Center for Science Education and Research, Hyderabadi, said.

Dr Raju said the study of the 10-y-old, conducted in Mumbai by researchers from the National Institute of Education, Hyderabi, showed that reading speed is directly correlated with reading speed on a smartphone, which indicates that the device is a good reader.

The 10-yo boy’s reading speed during the study ranged from a low of around 1 WPM on his laptop to a high of 5,500 WPM.

His reading speed also correlated with his reading comprehension.

However, he is not the only one reading faster.

Dr Raju noted that the reading speeds of children ranging in age from 10 to 16 years were recorded on the devices.

The research also showed that the children who were the oldest, in terms of reading speed, were reading faster and reading at a higher reading speed than the younger children.

The research also revealed that children with a normal reading speed range from about 5 WPM to 20 WPM per WPM during the reading tests.

However the reading test was conducted in different cities of the country and there was no correlation between reading speed and reading comprehension in those cities.

However it is interesting that, the children of different age groups were reading at different speeds.

The younger children were reading the most while the older children were the most proficient.

The study was conducted on 11,074 children of various age groups in Mumbai from ages 10 to 17 years.

According the researchers, reading speed can also be improved by reading more often.

The children who are reading more frequently were reading about 7,500 words per day, while the average reading speed for the children in the study was 3,500WPM.

The study showed that when children were asked to read at their usual reading speed they were reading more than twice as many words per hour.

This is the second study conducted to analyse the impact of reading on reading comprehension among children of all ages.

A study conducted on children aged 5 to 14 in Delhi by researchers at the National Institutes of Science and Technology (NIS) in 2016 showed that children in India who were reading regularly were reading longer and were reading in more detail than those who were not.

According this study, the reading literacy of children in Delhi was the second highest in the world after that of Australia.


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