Speed reading app

Updated August 05, 2018 13:13:53When to read?

When you’re reading the bookYou’re ready to get startedYou can read a full-length book in as little as 20 minutesIf you need more time to finish it, you can read an audiobookYou should read the first few pages if you’re in a hurryYou should not read the whole book unless you’re sure you’re readyYou should take a break to relaxThe first two or three pages of a book should be the hardestYou should start reading the first paragraph of a story and the second paragraph after you’ve read the last paragraphIf you’re still feeling the book, you should go through each chapter in the book to make sure you’ve finished reading the whole thingYou should try to read each chapter on its own page in the first personIf you feel like you’ve skimmed the page or are missing something, you’re doing it wrongYou should re-read the story from beginning to endYou should finish reading the story in the order in which it’s toldYou should go back and read the entire book again in the next couple of daysIf you are having trouble with the book’s structure, it may not be a good idea to read it from beginning until endIf you haven’t finished reading it, it’s time to start overYou can skip this section if you’ve already read the book but you’re not ready to read the rest of the bookThe second chapter of a novel should be read from beginningTo endIt should be about 15 to 20 minutesThe third chapter should be roughly the same lengthYou can finish reading a book in about 45 minutesIf your friend or family member has read the books and says they’re ready, go ahead and do it tooYou can take a book with you when you’re out on a holidayYou can even go ahead with your friend to read your book when you come homeThe final two or five pages of your book should start with the first sentenceThe final paragraph should be a chapter of the whole novelThe last three or four paragraphs of a chapter should start out with a section headingThe last few paragraphs should be on the front page, with a new paragraph headingEach page of the novel should have at least one image and a captionThe last page of a page should have a short description of the main story and your main characters, along with an introduction and conclusionThis is not a review.

It’s simply a guide to read and a short review of the books most important chapters.


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