Speed reading app

For those who are looking to increase their reading speed on e-reader devices, a new report has suggested that using a different app to do the reading is not the answer.

The study, which was conducted by the Israeli startup Tel Aviv University and published by the Jerusalem Post, found that the reading speed of e-reading devices varies by platform.

On iOS devices, it found that devices with screen resolution of 4.5 inches or higher, such as the Apple Watch, showed a reading speed that is 30 percent higher than the average reading speed for smartphones.

On Android devices, the reading speeds ranged between 17 percent and 33 percent faster than for the average smartphone.

The report’s authors say that it’s important for users to know that they are not limited by the device they use to read.

“It’s important to remember that not all smartphones have the same screen resolution,” said Prof. Erez Zellai of the Faculty of Science at Tel Aviv’s Tshlomo Center for Technology, Science and Society.

“There are some devices that can reach even higher speeds than 4.0 inches, such a the Huawei Watch, which is capable of reading at 5.3 inches.”

A new feature on Android devices allows users to read books in different languages, including Hebrew, German and English.

Prof. Zella said that the study is a reminder to users of the fact that there is no single best way to read on an e-book device.

“We need to remember, when using an ebook device, that it is a device that is used for reading, not just for browsing,” he said.

“For those who want to use an ereader, the only way to get the speed you want is to use the app that is optimized for reading.

We have a very good app for that.”

The researchers also said that users should be aware of the various features that come with reading apps.

“Some ereaders have a reading mode that allows you to read through text, which can improve your reading speed,” Prof. Zettai said.

“Some also include an interface that allows users customize how to read the content.

For example, it may be possible to turn on a feature that allows the app to skip lines in a book, but it would be better to use another app.”

The Tel Aviv startup also added that a good reading experience is only as good as the content it’s read from, adding that there are some things that can improve reading speed.

“When you are reading on an iPhone, you will get better reading speed because the text will be more clear and readable.

But when you are using a Kindle, you’ll get the same reading speed if you’re reading on a laptop or desktop.

It depends on the device and software that you are running.

But there is a clear difference in reading speed between a Kindle and a regular smartphone.”


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