Speed reading app

CricInfo — A scammers site which claims to be a site for speed reading activities.

It promises to give you speed reading exercises.

It claims it has speed reading courses in the United States.

The scammer says it has thousands of speed reading websites in China.

The scammers also claims it can help you find speed reading instructors.

The site’s main claim is that it is a site that offers speed reading training courses.

It also says it can provide the exercises you need.

It says it is not a speed reading website, but rather a website that teaches speed reading.

A scammers website claims to offer speed reading classes in the U.S.

The scammer claims it is offering speed reading programs in ChinaThe scam website says it offers speed training classes in CanadaThe site claims to provide speed reading online courses in China, but it doesn’t provide any information on its siteThe site says it will provide speed readings on its website, on its blog and on YouTubeThe site has an email address for the scammerIf you are looking for speed readers or speed reading workshops, be careful, you can get scammed, said Kevin H. Soderberg, a lawyer and former FBI Special Agent.

“Speed reading is an extremely dangerous business,” Soderburg said.

“If you do speed reading, you’re risking your life,” he added.

Scammers often claim to be speed reading teachers, which is a scam if they actually teach speed reading or speed writing.

“It’s not a great idea to do that.

It’s like trying to teach an English class,” Sodersburg said of speed readers.

The site may be a scam, but its content is actually true, he said.

“If you think that this is going to help you to speed read, then you’re probably in a very good position to get scolded by the police.”

You can find out more about the speed reading scams here.


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