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A new video is posted by an anonymous user who says that he can watch Netflix on an iPhone with an AppleTV connected.

The user also shows a screenshot of his iPhone screen with the AppleTV plugged in, and shows the Apple TV in full screen mode.

He also uses the iPhone as a remote control for the Apple television.

In the original video, the user can watch movies and TV shows on his iPhone without any special hardware.

It is unknown how many iPhones are in the picture.

The device with the same screen is seen in the second video and it is not clear how many iPhone users have access to Netflix, but it is expected to be a large number.

The user who made the original videos says that there are many more devices that are connected to AppleTVs than he has seen in his own time.

He is claiming to have watched Netflix for more than three months.

He also suggests that people who are not tech savvy should be careful and use an iPhone when watching movies and shows.

He advises people to turn off their AppleTV, as it will be very annoying to turn it on and watching movies.

The AppleTV’s remote is also visible on the screen.

A few days later, the same user uploaded another video, showing a screenshot from his iPhone with the apple TV plugged in.

The video shows a similar setup, but now he is also using the iPhone.

The user also says that if someone is using a non-AppleTV device, it should not be connected to the Appletv at all.

He explains that this way, the device will not show anything on the Apple tv, and he is not getting any of the features that Netflix offers.

The original video with the iPhone plugged in shows an Apple tv screen with Apple TV connected.


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