Speed reading app

By James CookPublished December 22, 2018The speed reader is about to make a major comeback.

The world has long been obsessed with reading speed, and that obsession will grow even bigger with the launch of a book called The Book That Can Teach the World to Read Faster.

The book, which is written by Dr. James Cook and co-written with his former Harvard colleague, Michael Apt, is a science fiction novel about a book that is capable of reading at the speed of light.

This speed reader uses magnets, magnets, and electromagnetism to slow down time so that the words and sentences it reads are faster than the speed at which they were read.

Its called the speed reader and it uses the same technology that powers the speed camera in the movies.

The author, Dr. Cook, said that if we could harness the power of the speed wave in the air to slow the passage of time, we could dramatically improve our reading speed.

“We would be able to read a novel in three seconds,” he said.

If we could take that energy and create an object that can actually slow down a passage of one second and turn it into a thousand-fold speed, we’d be in great shape.””

The speed of human reading is a very, very, low number.

If we could take that energy and create an object that can actually slow down a passage of one second and turn it into a thousand-fold speed, we’d be in great shape.”

The speed read book is about speed, in that it takes a high-speed train and trains them back together.

It is a book about how to use the speed in the world, to change the world.

“There are a lot of people who have tried to get this technology,” Cook said.

“[The book] shows that you can harness the speed and create something very different than what we’ve got.”

The book is not a science-fiction book.

Dr. Andrew Smith, the executive director of the British Library, said he is not impressed with the technology that the author is using to build the speed reader.

“The book does not have any science to it,” Smith said.

He said the book is a fantasy.

“It is not science fiction, it’s not the science fiction that the book claims it is,” he added.

The speed reading book is called The Fastest Book Ever, and it is set in the near future.

It deals with a world that has developed a new technology called the Speedwave, which can slow the time to a mere three seconds, making it possible for the book to be read in under three seconds.

The novel deals with the challenges that we have in understanding the world of the near-future and how to harness that to make sure we can get ahead in a world where we are constantly distracted by our own needs.

“What it really is is a celebration of the very speed that humanity is capable,” Smith explained.

“That’s a great time to be reading, that’s a wonderful time to read.”

People have been reading the speed book for a long time and it’s one of the most successful books ever written.

“But now, as we become a species, we need to understand what speed is, we have to understand how to make it work, and we need the technology to create a world in which we can learn from that.”

The technology the book uses is called a speed reader.

It uses magnets and electromagnets, which are magnetically attracted to each other.

These magnets attract each other to eachother, which creates a force.

This force pulls the book apart and creates a speed reading platform.

The Speedwave is a novel technology that is a bit different from the Speedreaders that were used in the movie “Jaws,” because the novel uses a very low frequency.

“You have a very fast pulse of energy that travels through the air and it creates a very high frequency, a very strong magnetic field that’s very powerful,” Dr. Smith explained about the novel.

The novel takes place in the year 2032, which has a very close correlation to our current time. “

And that’s what creates the speed.”

The novel takes place in the year 2032, which has a very close correlation to our current time.

“It is in that year that we can see that this technology is starting to show up,” Dr, Smith said about the technology.

There are two kinds of speed readers. “

This is just the beginning.”

There are two kinds of speed readers.

There is a regular reading speed reader that uses magnets that are attracted to the book.

The other is a speed read speed reader which uses electromagneters.

Both of these are very different from one another.

The speed reader relies on electromagnery, whereas the speed readers rely on magnets.

Dr Smith said that, because they are very close, both speed readers are capable of generating the same amount of energy


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