Speed reading app

New York magazine’s annual reader survey revealed that readers in general were getting better at reading, though there was a significant gap in reading ability for some readers.

More than half of respondents said they had read at least one book per week for a few years.

It also showed that, while reading comprehension has improved, reading speed has not.

More and more people are getting the message that reading isn’t the only way to get a reading experience, but that reading speed is just as important as the reading experience.

For example, more than half said reading speed was “extremely important” in helping them read better and read more quickly.

But while this was a majority view, most respondents said speed reading was not as important.

And more than one-third said reading comprehension was less important than speed reading.

What’s next?

In terms of reading speed and comprehension, the survey revealed many things about the reading world:The survey also showed a huge gap between readers who said they could read faster and those who could read better.

The authors of the survey wrote that they “were surprised to find that many readers have difficulty with speed reading in general.

Many of them believe that speed reading is too slow.

But the evidence strongly suggests that readers who have difficulty reading speed are often not able to read speed well at all.”

More:The results of the 2015 survey also indicate that the majority of readers surveyed reported reading the same amount of books in the last year.

That’s great news for people looking to buy books that are well-liked, but the authors note that this number is still low compared to the number of books sold per year.

“The fact that most readers surveyed can read at the same level as their closest friend suggests that many of the books that many people read are already well-known,” the authors wrote.

“But while books sold are an important measure of popularity, they do not necessarily translate into popularity.

And we do not know what percentage of people who buy books from Amazon are actually reading them.”Read more:


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