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A federal appeals court on Monday heard arguments over whether the FCC’s rules regarding broadband privacy are constitutional, with the justices hearing arguments over the FCC plan to regulate broadband providers as utilities.

A decision on whether the broadband privacy rules are constitutional could determine whether the Supreme Court overturns the 2015 order to rein in the FCC.

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality rules are one of the major rules of the Obama administration that have spurred a massive push for net neutrality reforms across the country.

The rules prohibit internet service providers from blocking or throttling online traffic and require them to treat all online content equally.

In the first case to be heard by the high court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is weighing whether the net neutrality rule violates the First Amendment.

The appeals court is one of three courts on the D.C. Circuit that have been considering the issue.

A number of federal courts have found that the net privacy rules violate the First and Fourteenth Amendments, as the FCC argues that they violate the federal Communications Act.

The FCC argues the rules are necessary to protect the open internet.

But in a brief filed Monday in the court, three groups of internet users argued that the rules violate their First Amendment rights.

The Internet Association is representing some of the internet users, including some who rely on the web for their jobs.

The groups said the rules have no clear impact on broadband consumers, and would have no effect on large internet companies.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an online rights advocacy group, is representing the consumer groups.

It said the FCC has failed to provide a plan for how the rules would be enforced.

The FCC has argued that it is not obligated to enforce the net-neutrality rules.

A spokesman for the FCC said the agency has “significant work to do to develop a plan to protect net neutrality.”


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