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The debate about high school speed reading is not only about reading speed; it is about reading comprehension.

This is a debate that has raged since the early 1980s when research began to link reading speed to comprehension and success in school.

Now, a new study by researchers at Northwestern University and the National Science Foundation has shown that students with better comprehension and more time to read will outperform their peers who have slower reading speeds.

The researchers also found that students who read slower than their peers also had higher levels of mental focus, which is a key predictor of higher academic achievement.

“The debate has been raging about speed for a long time, but the latest study helps put it in perspective,” said Daniel Nadel, a psychology professor at Northwestern and the study’s lead author.

“Our study shows that the speed of reading is a proxy for a student’s mental focus.

It’s not the student’s ability to read a given passage, but how much attention is dedicated to the passage.”

For this study, the researchers used a longitudinal study design.

A sample of high school students was recruited in the fall of 2012.

Students were asked to read 15 short texts, including one with two different sentences, with their teachers.

Then they were given 10 minutes to read all 15 texts.

For each student, the study was designed to examine their mental focus and read speed.

Researchers then compared their comprehension and reading speed over time.

In other words, the authors were looking for whether a student who had read faster than their reading peers read better than one who had written more.

To do this, they measured how much time the students spent reading each text, and also how well they understood each passage.

In the past, it was thought that reading speed was an important predictor of how well students would perform in school, but this study found that speed reading was also a factor.

The authors also found a link between reading speed and mental focus in reading comprehension, which could indicate that students that had more mental focus would have better comprehension of texts.

Students who read at a slower speed did, in fact, perform worse in reading, and that’s because of their poorer comprehension, Nadel said.

The study was published online today in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science.

In this study of students in grades six through eight, the participants read texts at speed of 60 words per minute, the pace that was common in the 1980s and 1990s.

They were also asked to review the texts twice and rate their comprehension of each passage on a scale of one to 10.

The students were also given time to review texts three times, and to record their mental state at each reading.

Then, they completed the Mental Focus Questionnaire.

Nadel and his colleagues also found differences in the way that reading comprehension and mental state were measured in the reading groups, showing that students in reading groups had higher scores on comprehension and higher scores in mental focus as well as speed.

“When you measure comprehension, you don’t know if the student has a high enough comprehension to read the passage correctly or if they are doing it incorrectly,” Nadel told The Huffington Post.

“If the student is reading the passage incorrectly, it might mean that the reading comprehension skills are not high enough.

It could mean that they don’t have the mental focus necessary to read in a reasonable amount of time.”

“This is a very good study, showing a link with reading speed, because it shows that you can improve comprehension even if you have a slower reading speed,” Nidel said.

“There’s something about having a slower or more complex vocabulary, which might be the key to comprehension.

It also shows that if you are reading in the right way, that comprehension will be better.

There is a lot of research that shows that reading in a high-speed, complex way is better than reading in slow, simpler, slower ways. “

It would be really interesting to see if you could have the same effect with reading.

There is a lot of research that shows that reading in a high-speed, complex way is better than reading in slow, simpler, slower ways.

That’s not to say that all kids can do that, but it is something we could be working on.”

The study is based on a longitudinal, open-ended study, which allows researchers to measure a student, say, by their performance on a reading task over time, Nasser said.

Previous research has shown a link that reading skills and mental clarity are linked to academic achievement, but no study has ever studied mental focus or reading comprehension as a predictor of academic achievement in a longer-term, longitudinal study.

But, in this study at least, the research team found that reading ability and mental speed are associated with reading comprehension in high-school students.

“This study is a huge step forward in understanding the impact of reading comprehension on academic achievement,” Nasser told The New York Times.


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