Speed reading app

You read a book.

Then, you’re on the internet.

The next book, another.

Now, it’s in your hands.

You might be thinking, “OK, now I have a big library to read to.

But how can I read it at the same time?

Is there any way to read a new book while reading another book?”

Readers often use a technique known as speed reading.

This is when you read at the speed of your eye, reading a page at a time.

It’s a bit like taking notes, but you don’t have to look at your notes.

It feels good.

Read moreHere are some tips to help you get your eyes moving faster.1.

Practice reading with your eyes wide open.

When you start reading, you have to put your eyes closed, which means you’re thinking about what you’re reading and not about what’s happening.

As you read, your eyes will get used to the speed at which you’re looking at a page.2.

Use a timer.

Most of us have a timer in our home or office.

You can use it to speed read books in your house.

Just use the timer and set a time to read your book.3.

Practice taking notes.

Some people find it easier to practice reading a book while watching a video or taking notes than it is to read it while listening to music.4.

Use headphones.

There are headphones that give you a better reading experience.

Read about headphones and their benefits below.5.

Get a speed reading timer.

Here are some helpful speed reading timers to try out.6.

Watch a speed reader on your smartphone or tablet.

It will give you an even faster reading experience, but it may take a few minutes for the timer to set.

You will have to use a timer or a speed read app.7.

Listen to audiobooks.

These are some of the best ways to speed up reading.

They can help you concentrate on the words, and they can be great for watching a slow motion video.8.

Set your reading timer to the next book in the series.

When you read the next chapter, you’ll get the speed reading speed that you’ve been reading at.9.

Use apps to speedread your favourite books.

Many of these apps include speed reading functions.

The best ones are called “smart” reading apps, or “Smart Books” apps.

Read an overview of smart reading apps and the best ones here.10.

Take a short nap.

The more time you have in the morning, the faster you’ll be able to read, according to a study.


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