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By Karen WaughCNN| April 14, 2018 06:29:51Japan’s education minister has awarded $500,000 to a schoolgirl in Japan who claims she was “stupid” and “crazy” on her reading quiz and was awarded a $5K prize by a judge who wrote: “You have shown courage, courage in the face of extreme hardship.”

The 14-year-old girl from the city of Ibaraki said she had a reading problem that affected her grades and that she was struggling with a mental illness.

The teenager said her family had not supported her in school and she said she struggled with self-harm and suicide.

“I was very, very nervous about the questions.

It was so difficult for me, I had to think hard before answering,” she told the Japan Times.”

It was really hard, I thought, if I don’t answer correctly, I’m going to end up in prison.”

She said her parents told her not to answer the questions because they did not want to lose the money.

“But I did not answer.

I didn’t think it was my responsibility.

I felt very embarrassed,” she said.

The judge ruled that her parents were responsible for her lack of self-confidence, and she received the money on the condition she answered the questions correctly.

“You are an extremely courageous person and courageous for doing something like this.

I am extremely grateful for your courage,” the judge said.

Japan’s highest court has also ordered the school to pay the teenager more than $3,000 for not answering the questions properly.

“A school teacher should be able to take responsibility for their students’ mistakes,” the court said.

“The school teacher must take responsibility and be prepared to explain the situation.”

The girl’s father, Masahiko Tanaka, told the newspaper the money was “very important” to his daughter, but he did not know how much she would be able, in his own words, to pay.

“If I had money, I would have put her in the hospital, because she has a mental disorder,” he said.


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