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READ MOREIn the early days of the internet, when there was little competition between the internet giants and the telcos, the speed of the speeds were determined by the data the telco provided and the speeds of their own network.

But with the advent of the telstra-internet-only model, the companies have now agreed to let consumers choose the speed that is best for them.

It is a shift that has sparked debate, with the ISPs claiming that they need the speed to meet their customers’ needs.

But some users say that speeds have already been significantly reduced.

And while they say it’s a good thing, they are concerned that customers may be getting less benefit from the changes.

The Federal Communications Commission says that, while it supports the telnet-only speed model, it is concerned that consumers may be receiving less benefit by opting for the slower speeds that are being introduced by the telesales companies.

The FCC is also concerned that speeds may be falling by a third or more as a result of the new speed sharing model.

While the telenet-only models have a certain advantage, some argue that customers are being denied their privacy rights.

In the first test of the plan, more than 60 million people signed up for a plan that would see their speeds capped by a combination of caps on broadband speeds and limits on the amount of data they can access.

The plan is only being tested in Melbourne, but it has been widely tested in the states, including New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

The Telstra-owned Telstra Network is offering a faster version of the NBN, but with a speed cap that’s not nearly as much as the speed offered by the Telstra telcos.

Some users have also been worried about their ability to keep up with the speed.

Telstra has previously said that its customers will be able to get a better deal than the telcom-only plan because it will include speeds that exceed the limits of the broadband networks.

But it’s unclear how much faster the telcommunications companies will offer if they can only offer a better offer to their own customers than to the tels customers.



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