Speed reading app

New York, NY—May 10, 2017—Google, the world’s most popular search engine, today announced it has begun testing a new “speed reading material” that it says will make it easier for users to read fast-paced text.

The new material is called Speed Reading: Stories and Books that Are Reading, and is available on the Google Play Store for free.

The content was developed with the help of Google’s technology team, Google+ VP and general manager of product Chris Ziegler said in a blog post today.

The content includes stories, essays, and books that will be delivered as a free download from Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Speed Reading is the second time Google has created a speed reading content to support the company’s growing library of books and reading experiences.

In September, Google introduced a free digital audiobook called Google Books, which offers up to 250 audio books in one digital download, as well as an audiobook-streaming service, Audiobooks, that provides access to all the audio content available on Google Books.

The Speed Reading material is the first time Google offers speed reading in the Google Books app.

Google says the new content is designed for people of all ages and abilities, and can be read by anyone, regardless of their physical location.

“As the world grows faster and faster, there are more and more things to read,” Ziegley wrote.

“So why not get up and read them all?

The answer is speed.

We’ve made it easy for you to find the stories, the books, and the reading you want, and Google Books makes it easy to find them.”

The speed reading materials are the latest of a growing number of apps designed to help people read faster.

In October, the New York Times published an infographic that shows the most popular apps that help users read more quickly.

According to the Times, “One app called Bookworm is designed to speed up reading and helps you learn faster, while a new book called QuickRead is designed by the University of Toronto to help you study more quickly.”

A few weeks ago, the Washington Post published an article showing how apps like the Kindle and iBooks were making it easier to read, including an app that makes it easier than ever to read e-books on smartphones and tablets.

The article noted that the iPhone is becoming more popular as a reading device than other reading devices.

According to Google, the new Speed Reading content will be available on Android and Windows phones and tablets, and on a wide variety of reading devices, including e-readers, tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

The Google Play store will also be able to download the content.

“Google’s Speed Reading materials will help people with physical and visual disabilities read faster, easier, and more accurately,” Zigler said.

“As we build more tools and apps to improve reading, we want to be part of the solution.

We hope that Google will help readers find and read more.”

Google is also looking to build more accessibility features into its apps for people with disabilities.

Last month, Google announced that it is adding new accessibility features to its Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, and Calendar apps, including Google Assistant and Google Voice.

Google said the new material was created to support a “growing number of people” who “are reading more slowly or slower.”

It also said that Google was developing a speed reader app for the Apple Watch.


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