Speed reading app

We’ve been tracking speed reading on mobile phones for the past two years, and we’ve been surprised by the amount of mobile reading we see online.

While we have seen some speed reading spikes, we’ve seen no real spikes in reading speed.

If you read at home or on the go, you can rest assured that your speed reading skills are solid and will improve.

But what’s reading speed really all about?

To answer that question, we decided to put together a short guide to speed reading.

It’s not a comprehensive guide to the different types of reading speeds, but it is an overview of the common reading speeds.

Read on for a few of our favorites, and make sure to check out our Speed Reading Tips for More Reading tips and tips to speed readers.1.

Reading speed is a linear function of time (for more info, see our How does reading speed change?


We’ll use a linear reading speed formula, which is a formula that measures the amount a reader is reading on average, divided by the number of times that reader has read a given text.

Here’s what the formula looks like: reading_speed = 1 / ( reading_count * ( reading ) – 1 )If you’re interested in how reading speed changes with age, you’ll want to take a look at our How Does Reading Speed Change article.2.

A reading speed is defined as the average reading speed for all users in a given reading speed range, and it can vary widely across users.

We’ve created a chart showing reading speed across different age groups and read a sample of 100 high school students.

The chart shows that reading speed tends to rise with age.3.

Reading speeds are measured in bits per second, or bps.

To understand how a reader’s reading speeds are affected by the speed of their devices, let’s take a quick look at how a text’s speed is affected by text size.

A 4,200 word text with a 160 bps reading speed has the same speed as a 4,400 word text without the speed increase.

So if a 4200 word document with a 120 bps speed reading speed, has the speed and readability of a 4K document, you know that the reader will be reading at that speed.

And if the text is at a similar reading speed with the same size of the screen, it’s not that different from a 4k document.

The only difference between the two is how the device handles the extra space on the page.

The chart below shows how the speed change for each device is affected depending on the size of their screen.

The text size affects reading speedsThe chart above shows that when the text size increases, the reading speed of a text increases as well.

If the text has an overall text size of 10 characters or less, the read speed of the text changes by a bit less than if it’s at 10 characters.

For example, if the reader has a reading speed that is 120 bpm and a screen size of 1280 pixels, the speed will increase by 0.7% per 10 characters in the larger size of screen.

Conversely, if they have a reading rate of 160 bpm, the increase in speed will be 10.4% per 8 characters.

The same holds true for a reading size of 8 characters or more.

The text is the same, but the reading experience is improved by having a larger screen size.4.

Reading on the phone is a different story.

While reading on the desktop is a great way to speed read, there are a number of drawbacks.

The reading experience isn’t as smooth and fluid as on a tablet, and screen size can impact how fast reading can be.5.

Reading is different from reading on a computer.

A smartphone reader is a smaller device with a smaller screen.

For that reason, reading speed isn’t affected as much on a phone.6.

Mobile devices read faster, but how fast?

While mobile devices read better than desktop readers, the answer to the question of how fast readers read varies depending on which device you use.

Most mobile phones (like the iPhone) are designed to read on a single page, with each page read in order.

If that’s your reading preference, a tablet reader will read faster than a phone reader, but a smartphone reader will do just as well as a tablet.

The first screen that the phone reader starts on is the page number, and that’s where you’ll be reading.

The next screen is called the page row, and the last screen is the last page.

The tablet reader is the most popular reading mode for mobile devices, and a lot of people have been switching to tablets for years.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First, tablets are smaller than smartphones, so they have fewer pixels.

Second, tablets can read on the screen that is smaller than the phone screen, which reduces the number that’s required for a tablet reading experience.

A mobile phone reader has the ability to read a single line of


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