Speed reading app

A new app called ‘Netflix For Books’ aims to give people access to some of the best streaming options for reading and listening to books, movies and TV.

Users can choose from one of five book-specific categories: fiction, nonfiction, comedy, travel and science fiction, according to Amazon.

Netflix is also offering its own audiobook service, but only in a separate app called Netflix For Books.

Users who buy a book on Amazon can stream that book to their devices or to a connected TV via their TV tuner, a smartphone, or Apple TV, the company says.

The app is available in more than 200 languages, including Russian, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Russian.

It’s not available in other countries, but it does support international users who are from outside the U.S.

The company’s app, which will also let users search for books from different publishers, comes as Amazon has rolled out a slew of new books.

The company has added books to its Kindle store and launched the first new title in a new series, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Series by Michael Chabon, and the company has a new app, The Complete Sherlock Holmes Series, coming this summer.

The Netflix for Books app also includes Amazon’s own audiobooks and audiobook audiobook streaming service.

It allows users to listen to audiobook audiobandings, which Amazon describes as “a curated collection of books written for audiobreaders by professional audio-book producers and authors,” according to the app description.

Amazon says the app is designed for audiobook listeners who are used to listening to the audio books through their devices.

It also lets users check out audio books in Amazon’s store for $1.99 a month, and if they want to buy a new audiobook book, they can choose to have the book delivered to them, with no shipping charges.

Amazon has a handful of books available for streaming on the app, including a collection of Sherlock-themed short stories called The Adventure of the Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, along with a new book, The Adventure Begins.


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