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The first half of 2017 was a great year for software.

As the year went on, though, the industry began to experience some major shakeups.

There were new features like Chrome extension reviews, a new user interface for mobile and desktop browsers, and the arrival of a new “smart” reading app for smartphones.

But in the end, the year was a disaster.

There was a few reasons for that.

Some of the changes came in the form of a software overhaul, and others were the result of Google’s efforts to make the Chrome browser more appealing to new users.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 of 2017’s software changes.


Google Chrome Extension Review Chrome extension review: This new feature is so helpful.

I’m going to explain how it works and how to use it.

Google recently introduced Chrome extension support, which is meant to make Chrome more accessible for developers.

The new feature, which lets users review the extensions they install on their devices, is a major part of Google Chrome.

You can open up a new tab, click a specific extension, and start to review the code and its features.

The extensions that are currently supported are: BlinkFeed, Google Chrome (previously BlinkFeed), Readability, Reading List, Reader, Bookmarks, Google Reader, Reader’s Digest, Google Translate, Tastemade, and more.

Extensions are also supported in Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge.

Chrome extension is an extension of Chrome and is installed through a web browser, which means that extensions are available for Chrome and the browser on your computer.

Extension reviews are usually the most popular feature of Chrome extension, as extension users are the most likely to have installed the extension.

In the past, you would be able to review all extensions in the Chrome app, but with Chrome extension there is an “extension” option that lets you see reviews for all of the extensions that you have installed on your device.


Chrome Extensions for iOS and Android Chrome extension extensions for iOS: The first major update to Chrome on iOS came with the iOS 8.0 update.

The update made many improvements, such as better support for touch and keyboard gestures.

The feature was also introduced to Android in July 2017, which added a new extension support.


Chrome Extension for Windows and Mac Chrome extension extension extensions: This feature is great for those who don’t have a lot of space to install extensions on their phones.

The Chrome extension for Windows will let you easily install extensions for Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows Phone 8.

The extension for Mac lets you install extensions in any browser for Mac OS X, with Chrome extensions included.


Chromium for Android Chrome extensions for Android: The new version of Chrome on Android is called Chrome 53.

This new version has a number of new features, such a new interface for extensions and support for multi-monitor support.

It also adds support for new mobile platforms.


Google Reader Chrome extension and reading list: Chrome extension users love this feature because it allows you to read content in the browser.

Reading list is a feature that lets users see which sites they have previously visited, or have read recently.


Google Translator Chrome extension: This extension helps you to translate content to and from English and Japanese.


Tastemaker Chrome extension.

The browser extension is a great way to add a bit of flair to your reading experience.

You get a personal recommendation from a Google representative about the best food to eat, the best restaurants to visit, and other useful tips.


Reading List Extension Chrome extension with personalized recommendations: This Chrome extension gives you personalized recommendations for new books and magazines.

The personalized recommendations include links to books and other content from popular publishers and publications.


Reading App Chrome extension that helps you get recommendations for reading and video on your Android device.

The reading app offers personalized recommendations that include links from popular titles, books and films, and also offers recommendations for other apps, such Google’s YouTube, and Amazon’s Kindle.


Reading Time Chrome extension : Chrome extension has been around since Chrome 51 and is the most used extension.

It has also become the most downloaded extension in the past year, with over 9.5 million users using it.

The biggest change in 2017 was Google’s attempt to make extension reviews more attractive.

The goal is to make them easier to find and find the right app for you, while at the same time increasing the chances of users being able to install new extensions without opening a new browser tab.


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