Speed reading app

The speed at which a book can be read is determined by a number of factors, including the speed at the reader’s fingers.

And for many, the speed can be a major factor in deciding whether or not you’ll enjoy reading it.

Readers of any speed will know the term “reader speed” is used to describe the amount of time it takes to read a book.

But there’s another speed factor: the reading rate.

That rate tells how fast a reader can read a given book, says Peter Lehner, the founder of Lehner Publishing.

Lehner said his company specializes in high-quality high-speed reading material.

The average speed for reading a book is about 30 per cent, Lehner says.

“It’s the average speed at 25,000 words per minute,” he says.

But the speed isn’t fixed.

“You can have a slower reading rate than a faster reading rate.”

For a book to be read at the speed Lehner describes, it has to be readable by someone who can read at it, Leherts said.

“And then you have to have the reading comprehension.

The reading comprehension is what you need to understand the content and the story.”

Lehner says that reading comprehension takes several years.

That’s because it’s difficult to get people to read and digest a book quickly.

That means the speed has to stay constant.

“The average reader who’s a good reader has to have a reading rate of about 40 per cent,” Lehner explained.

“That’s the speed that people reading books today can read books like the ones you can read today.”

That speed, says Lehner’s co-founder, Peter Lehner, is not fixed.

He said the reading pace varies according to what kind of content a book contains.

For example, a book like a short story might be read in 30 seconds and the length of the book could be a full day.

“But the longer the book, the longer it takes,” Lehning says.

The more complex the book is, the faster it takes.

Read moreWhat does this mean for you?

Lehner recommends that you read the same type of book multiple times.

“I would say, if you’re going to be reading a story, it’s probably a good idea to read it in the same way you read a short book,” he said.

That way, you get to see all the points and themes.

But don’t read it at the same speed.

“For a longer book, maybe you should read it slower,” Lehnerts said.

And if you want to know how fast you’re likely to read, he says you should check out the book’s index.

Lehner recommends reading books from a variety of genres, like romance, history, science fiction and children’s fiction.

If you like a particular genre, he recommends reading it in order.

“Reading a book as it’s written, I think the speed will be more consistent,” Lehe said.

But for shorter books, he said the speed may be slower.

Read MoreHow do you know if a book has enough information?

A lot of books have information in them, he explained.

And the more information you get, the more it will make a difference in how well the book reads.

“It’s important that the information you have in the book be relevant,” Lehaner said.

You may not want to read the information in the back of the novel.

But if you do, you should get to the back and skim through it, he suggested.


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